What You Should Know About College And Personal Injury Claims

As you or your child heads off to college, you're probably not thinking about the dangers of personal injury possible on a new campus. But it's important for every student and family to understand the risks that may fall under personal injury law and how to get the help they need if something happens.  Here are some answers to your questions about college and personal injury. What Types of Incidents Fall Under Personal Injury? Read More 

Obtaining A Copy Of The Police Report After A Car Crash Helps Your Compensation Claim

If you've sustained severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident, the law allows you to take legal action against the wrongdoer. The negligent driver should compensate you for the damages and injuries from the accident. But to receive these benefits, you must prove how you suffered due to the individual's careless actions. A car injury lawyer will be an invaluable partner when faced with such a situation. Typically, your lawyer will rely on evidence to support your claim. Read More 

Personal Injury Law: Economic Damages That A Personal Injury Victim Is Entitled To

Economic damage is a verifiable loss that has a monetary value. The compensation is paid to the victim, or in the case of death, the victim's family, to reduce the pain caused by the injury resulting from negligence. This compensation is meant to help make the life of a victim or their family whole again.  As such, it is important to keep every receipt from treatment, funeral costs, car repairs, and any other expense related to the accident. Read More 

Know What Liability Means After A Car Accident

If you've been injured due to the careless actions of another driver, you may hear the word liability a lot. This term means almost the same thing as blame or fault in legal terms. As far as a car accident goes, this issue of liability can destroy a case before it even begins. Read on and learn more. What Is Liability? Accidents can happen that involve only one vehicle. However, many accidents involve another vehicle driven by a driver who did something wrong. Read More 

Don’t Give Up On Your Car Accident Case After Receiving A Ticket

After a car accident, you will be required by law to contact the police so they can arrive and file a police report. However, depending on what the police officer finds, you might be issued a ticket after the accident. However, even if you are issued a ticket, you may still be able to win an auto accident case. The Consequences of Being Issued a Ticket Being issued a ticket will likely mean that the other driver's insurance provider will try to find you liable for the accident. Read More