Why Some Commercial Truck Accident Cases Are Impossible To Settle

Many accidents, including accidents involving semi trucks, are resolved out of court through a settlement. However, some semi-truck accidents can only be resolved in court. While these types of cases can be very expensive, they can also be more lucrative given that many of these cases lead to punitive damages.

Why the Other Party Might Refuse to Settle

When a commercial insurance provider refuses to settle a truck accident case, this is usually because they believe there is not substantial evidence that they were at fault for the accident and they believe they can win their case. If you agree to go to trial, the commercial insurance provider might choose to settle at the last minute. However, this is not always the case.

Truck Accident Cases are Complex

Even if the commercial vehicle insurance provider believes that they are not at fault, they might be mistaken. Commercial vehicle accident cases are very complex and it can be very difficult to establish who is at fault.

Several Parties Might Be Involved

There are several parties who can be responsible for an accident including the operator of the commercial truck, the company that employs the truck driver, the company that manufactured the truck, and several other parties. Your commercial truck accident lawyer will work hard to gather evidence to prove that the defendant is at fault and that you are entitled to compensation.

Filing a lawsuit against a commercial truck company can be confusing and complicated. You will be focused on your recovery while also trying to win your case so you will be able to pay for your damages. 

You Deserve Full Compensation

The legal defense team will do everything possible to reduce their liability. For example, they will try to minimize the damages you have suffered so they can reduce the amount you will be entitled to in compensation. Therefore, you will need to provide solid evidence that you have suffered the damages you are claiming.

One of the advantages of going to trial is that you might be awarded punitive damages. These damages are awarded under circumstances in which the actions taken by the truck driver are considered so egregious that the judge decides to award additional damages on top of the normal damages you would be awarded. 

The damages awarded punitively are often substantially higher because the judge will want to make a statement and deter others from engaging in similarly negligent actions. Therefore, you will want to do everything possible to prove that the other party was at fault.

For help with your case, contact a semi-truck accident attorney in your area.