Obtaining A Copy Of The Police Report After A Car Crash Helps Your Compensation Claim

If you've sustained severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident, the law allows you to take legal action against the wrongdoer. The negligent driver should compensate you for the damages and injuries from the accident. But to receive these benefits, you must prove how you suffered due to the individual's careless actions. A car injury lawyer will be an invaluable partner when faced with such a situation. Typically, your lawyer will rely on evidence to support your claim. One of the essential pieces of evidence in an auto accident claim is a police report, and below are some reasons why. 

It Supports Your Account of the Incident

After a vehicle collision, all parties involved record statements with the police. Of course, each party will account for events that distance them from any wrongdoing. Luckily, the police report is usually unbiased. For that reason, insurance companies and judges highly rely on the police report to arrive at the final decision. Ensure you ask for a copy of the police report before leaving the accident scene or soon after. Your legal advisor will compare the report with your recorded statement and identify the similarities. Similar information in both demonstrates you suffered an injustice that deserves compensation. Therefore, a police report dispels any doubts the insurer might have and compels them to pay you for economic and non-economic losses you've incurred due to the negligent driver.

 It Proves That the Defendant Was The Wrongdoer

Usually, the police conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine how the car crash happened and who the main culprit was. For instance, they will examine the accident scene to determine whether any motorist broke traffic rules. After that, the investigators interrogate the parties involved and eyewitnesses present at the scene. From their observations and witness accounts, the officers then write a summary of the incident. This summary usually indicates the cause of the collision and whom they believe was responsible for it. Your attorney will use the report to prove that the defendant was responsible for the crash. Once you prove liability, you can confidently ask for compensation from the defendant's insurance company. 

Once you engage an auto injury attorney in your case, they'll want to build a strong claim, revealing the pain, suffering, and losses resulting from the accident. Therefore, it is paramount to obtain a police report before leaving the accident scene. This way you will ensure that your case will not hit a hard rock in the process.

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