Why Your Car Accident Attorney Might Hire an Accident Reconstructionist

After a car accident, you will often need to rely on witnesses to testify on your behalf to prove that the other driver was at fault for the accident. Even if you were injured, an attorney will be able to help you locate witnesses to your accident. However, even if there were no witnesses to your accident, your car accident lawyer might rely more on an accident reconstructionist.

The Job of an Accident Reconstructionist

The purpose of an accident reconstructionist is to perform an accident reconstruction to determine why the accident occurred. Based on the evidence that is gathered at the scene of the accident, the accident reconstructionist is able to draw a conclusion that is not readily apparent. 

The accident reconstructionist will be able to determine several important facts such as when the vehicles came to a stop after the accident, what the condition of the roads was at the time of the accident, whether the check engine lights were on before the crash, the angle of the impact, the steering angle, and various other facts.

The Importance of Reconstructing an Accident

Once you have reconstructed an accident, you will be able to determine the cause of the accident and determine who is at fault. Oftentimes, the insurance provider will claim that the insured is not at fault for the accident and will not be willing to offer a high settlement unless you are able to prove that the driver is at fault and that you have suffered damages.

The accident reconstructionist will use a scientific method that takes into account physics and vehicle dynamics. They will use computer applications to model the accident. The opinion of the expert will be used by your car accident lawyer during negotiations.

The Role of Your Car Accident Lawyer

Your lawyer will negotiate a settlement on your behalf. They will write a demand letter that will be sent to the insurance provider of the at-fault driver. Then, the insurance provider will have the option of making a counteroffer. This is a very long process that your attorney can manage while you are focused on recovering.

If your attorney is not able to negotiate a settlement that is sufficient, they might recommend that you file a lawsuit. If your case ends up going to court and you do not negotiate a settlement at the last minute, your car accident lawyer will represent you and the expert witness will testify in court.