Substantiate Your Workers’ Compensation Claim By Doing These Things

Most individuals would like to think that they will not get injured on the job. However, workplace injuries are a real possibility, and they occur on a daily basis in a variety of work environments. Individuals who have jobs that do not involve a lot of physical exertion are not exempt from workplace injuries. They could get workplace injuries from performing repetitive routines such as typing. There are also risks of tripping over running cords. 

Every employee needs to know the basic things to do to prepare for an on-the-job injury. Employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance to ensure that employees can get compensated for their injuries. The following points identify a few things that you can do if you ever get injured at work.


Ensure that you take note of any witnesses. Sometimes witnesses may observe workplace accidents. In other cases, they might have to help their injured co-workers. This can be in the form of notifying superiors that an accident has occurred. It may also be in the form of helping an injured person ambulate to a safe location. If there are not any co-workers in the area where the accident occurs, make a mental note regarding whether there are security cameras in the area. Many companies today have cameras located throughout their premises. The recorded footage may be just as good as eyewitness recounts.

Request an Accident Form

Most companies have accident forms available for injured employees. It is important to accurately fill out the form and be as thorough as possible. If there are safety issues present that contribute to the accident, document those on the form. This form needs to be completed as soon as possible because it will ensure that information is as fresh as possible. Sometimes trying to remember what happened may cause an individual to forget certain aspects. This forgotten information could lead to issues with the claim such as a denial. 

Prove Injuries

Taking photos is the best way to substantiate injuries that are visible. Seeking medical attention in addition to the photos can be enough for a solid case or successful win on an appeal. Some injuries such as bruises may not appear until hours or days later. You can take pictures of these as you notice them. Do not rely on one photo of your injuries. Take multiple photos at different angles. 

A workers' compensation attorney is a good resource to use if you get injured at work. Even if you start the claims process alone, they can assist with appeals and other aspects of these complex cases. Contact a local workers' compensation lawyer to learn more.