The Primary Purposes Of Retaining A Reputable Workers Comp Attorney

If you were injured on-the-job, you may worry about the medical bills that you will have to pay to treat your injuries. You might fear that you will have to exhaust your savings or use your own health insurance to pay for your medical care. 

However, under your state's personal injury laws, your employer may be responsible for paying for your injury-related expenses. You can pursue this compensation by retaining a workers comp attorney who can represent you.

Discovering Liability for the Accident

Your workers comp attorney can find out right away who is to blame for the accident. Your employer will assertively investigate if you did anything to cause what happened. They will assign responsibility if possible to spare the company from having to pay out insurance claims for you.

Instead of assuming blame for the accident, you can retain a workers comp attorney to find out what really happened and what party should be assigned the rightful share of the blame. Your lawyer can ensure that you do not give up your right to pursue legal action and recover compensation that you are entitled to under your state's laws.

Filing an Insurance Claim against Your Employer

After your workers comp attorney determines if you were not to blame for the accident, they can then file an insurance claim against your employer. Your lawyer will ensure that the claim gets filed within the allowed amount of time in your state. They will also ensure that the claim is reviewed promptly and gets paid out to cover your medical expenses, lost income and other costs.

if the insurer balks at paying out your claim, they can communicate with your lawyer and explain their reasoning for its refusal. Your workers comp attorney can determine whether or not to file a lawsuit to hold the insurer accountable for your costs.

To avoid a lawsuit, the insurer may prefer to offer you a lump sum settlement. The settlement may be close to the full amount that you could win in a judgment in court. Your workers comp attorney will make sure that the offer fully compensates you for any accident-related expenses you have incurred already, as well as those that you may expect in the future.

A workers comp attorney can determine what and who caused your on-the-job accident. They can also file insurance claims and work out settlements. Contact a workers compensation attorney for more information.