Making Sense of a Commercial Truck Pileup

Being involved in a pileup is one of the worst experiences you can have as a driver. A pileup that involves commercial trucks can be even more chaotic and can lead to expensive medical bills. You may also find it difficult to find out who you should seek compensation from for your injuries.

1. How a Commercial Truck Pileup Can Occur

When commercial truck drivers find themselves in difficult situations, they are often trained on how to handle these situations. Unfortunately, some truck drivers, in a moment of panic, forget their training, and do exactly what they were instructed not to do. For example, a truck driver might choose to overturn while trying to overcorrect. Once the driver makes this mistake, it may be too late to stop the events that occur afterward. 

The truck that is over-correcting might be forced to slow down and this may lead to another vehicle behind the truck not being able to slow down in time. This can lead to a pileup in which your vehicle might be involved. Because of the size of a commercial truck, it can often hit multiple vehicles because it can easily crush and push around smaller vehicles. It may also obstruct the road in such a manner where other vehicles can't avoid the truck in time. Vehicles that can stop may be hit by others.

2. How to Make Sense of a Pileup

After a pileup, you may feel overwhelmed and you may not know how you will be able to pay for your medical bills. You might also feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to make sense of how the accident occurred and who should be considered responsible. 

You will need help from professionals to analyze the scene of the accident to determine what happened. They will gather any evidence they can such as photographs of the damage done to vehicles. There may be surveillance footage and dash cams that might be helpful. 

3. How to Determine Liability

A trucking accidents attorney will attempt to determine who started the chain of events that lead to the accident. The attorney will also determine whether any other parties were involved. The other parties will scrutinize your actions and try to determine if you were also negligent. This is to help reduce their liability. Because you will likely find yourself with very expensive medical bills, it is essential to reduce your liability as little as possible.