How To Ensure Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Goes Smoothly

Were you injured at work and need to use workers' compensation? If so, you're likely wondering what you can do to ensure that the case goes smoothly and you get the compensation you deserve. Here are a few tips that you should follow after your workplace related injury. 

Report Your Injury Immediately

One of the first things you should do after an injury is take the necessary steps to report it to the right people. If you work in a small company they will likely know about the injury immediately, but word does not always travel fast in bigger corporations. You will need to go through the proper channels of reporting the injury with the HR department and get the paperwork started, since a verbal confirmation may not be enough.

Gather Witnesses

Did anybody see the accident happen? If so, you should talk to these people so that they can make a statement on your behalf. Any witnesses are just going to strengthen your claim as to how the incident happened and if it happened while you are at work. If there was security camera footage, try to get that footage pulled before it is wiped from the hard drive due to being too old. 

Avoid Giving Social Media Updates

A common problem these days is that people tend to share too much information over social media and tend to make it seem like things are better than they really are. This may be to ensure friends and family that you are doing okay, or simply wanting some sympathy to cheer you up. Your workplace injury is something that should definitely stay away from social media. If others can see your posts, then that means the workers' compensation insurance company may be able to see it as well.

The problem that you are going to run into is if you are accused of being further along in your recovery than you really are. This may be done by trying to prove that you are okay by using your social media posts as an example. It could be something as innocent as a text post that says you are doing great, or someone tagging you in a photo or video that shows you more active than it seems. You're better off avoiding any potential problems by just staying off social media until your case is resolved, that way nothing can be used against you in a negative way. 

Be sure to talk to a workers' compensation lawyer about your case.