Personal Injury Claim Tips For Severe Dog Bites

Dogs are docile and often considered man's best friend, but they have been known to attack. If you're ever bit and this event shouldn't have happened, then you can file a personal injury claim. Upon doing so, keep these tips in mind.

Have Doctor Examine the Dog Bite's Severity 

Dogs can do a lot of damage because of their sharp teeth, even small dogs that may not seem very strong. For your health and personal injury claim, get looked at by a doctor.

They'll see what damage the dog bite did and document it thoroughly with pictures and official statements. Once you're cleared to leave the hospital or medical facility, you can then take what the doctor documented and use it as evidence. It will be used as proof that the dog bite happened and that you were injured.

Make a Statement With the Police  

Once your injuries are examined and treated by a trained professional, you'll want to file an official report of the dog bite. Like you would do with a car accident or incident with a hostile person, call the police.

They'll quickly come out and get things under control. Most importantly, they'll assess the situation and ensure the dog is placed in animal control until they can be examined by an animal professional.

The police will take your statement and create an official report. Make sure you're honest about what happened as well as give them every detail that you can remember. You can then sue if you believe the owner was negligent with how they handled their dog.

Work With Attorney When Owner is Non-Cooperative

If the dog's owner isn't cooperative about paying your medical bills, then you should speak with a personal injury attorney that deals with dog bites in particular. They can hear from you what took place the day of the bite.

They'll examine what you were doing and what the owner was doing that could have caused the dog to act out aggressively. If there is plenty of evidence, the attorney can help you take the dog's owner to court and get them to pay for the damages that you shouldn't have to cover. 

No one ever wants to get bit by a dog, but even the most well-trained dogs can act aggressively when threatened or fearful. The smartest thing you can do is collect yourself and proceed cautiously with a personal injury lawyer if the bite is severe.