How To Work With Social Security Attorneys

Being unable to work full time can cause a great deal of stress and uncertainty. Disabilities due to a chronic health condition, injury, or genetic disease can make it impossible to work consistently enough to provide a full time income. Many people are urged to apply for disability benefits from their family, friends, or in some cases their medical providers. Starting the process for filing for disability benefits alone is not always easy due to the paperwork involved. Here are a few ways a social security attorney can help. 

There are qualified social security attorneys who are familiar with federal laws that apply to disability requests. Speaking with an attorney prior to filing any disability application is important. Scheduling a consultation with disability attorneys is helpful for those who have not filed or those who are currently going through an appeals process.   

Applicants who have not filed their request yet will have a better chance of their disability request being granted the first time. Social security attorneys can assist with the appeal process. The average person trying to send in requested claim information is unaware of what type of documents social security is looking for. 

The disability attorney can help provide the correct disability onset date. Supporting evidence can be collected with the lawyers help for specific impairments that are on the approved list. This may require them to reach out to medical providers or obtain additional records. Different types of documentation and statements are required at the second or third level of appeal for disability. The social security attorneys are available to assist with sending information to the court prior to requested due dates. 

When an attorney is found, inquire about their fee for services. Many disability attorneys do not request any type of payment until after a case has been won. Making appointments to prepare for an upcoming court date is important. Unlike other types of claims in the court system, there are many people seeking to address their grievance with the social security administration. There may be delays in how long it takes the case to be resolved. The disability attorneys are there to make sure their client has been accurately represented, but they do not have control over expediting the granting of the disability benefits. Take time to schedule a consultation and see exactly how the disability attorney can help start a case or help with an appeal.