‘Innocent’ Actions That Weaken Your Auto Accident Case

As the victim of an auto accident, your actions can weaken or strengthen your case. Below are some actions that might seem innocent, but they can easily ruin your case.

Refusing Medical Help

Auto insurance companies use medical treatment to gauge the degree of injuries you have suffered in an auto accident. Medical bills also form a huge part of auto accident damages. The more serious or extensive your injuries are, the higher your damages are likely to be.

Therefore, you hurt your case if first responders offer you first aid or offer to take you to the emergency room and you refuse. An insurance adjuster who hears of such an action will automatically assume that you weren't seriously injured.

Fleeing the Accident Scene

Leaving the accident scene before the police arrive also hurts your case. For one, it is a legal requirement that victims of auto accidents should wait for the police unless they require medical care away from the accident scene. Secondly, leaving the accident scene before the police arrive can bar you from getting an accurate police report that you can use for your claim.


If you are a nice person who always apologies when they think they are wrong, your niceness can hurt your case if you apologize after an auto accident. The other victims of the accident, the liable party, and even their respective auto insurance companies might assume that your apology is an admission of guilt. This means you will have one more hurdle, overturning your tacit admission of guilt, in your quest for compensation.

Laying It All on Social Media

As much as social media is enjoyable, you should be careful about what you post after your accident. The defendant, via their insurance company, will be on the lookout for things that minimize your injuries. For example, postings of parties, physical work, and physical exercise (such as gym photos) might make the adjuster think less of your injuries.

Talking Too Much With the Adjuster

Lastly, you should be careful with what you say when speaking to the insurance adjuster. This is especially true if you meet with the adjuster before getting a lawyer or in the absence of your lawyer. It's even more dangerous if you furnish the adjuster with written or signed information. Don't forget that the adjuster might use your words against you, including any error you might make about the accident, to minimize your damages.

For more help, reach out to a car accident lawyer today.