You Can Still File A Workers’ Compensation Claim Without A Witness

When it comes to proving any type of case, a witness can play a major and impactful role, especially when it comes to a workers' compensation claim. However, the unfortunate reality is that not every slip and fall or other incident occurs under the watchful eye of a coworker. An employee can be injured without any other person being aware. To ensure greater success, an employee that finds themselves in this type of situation should be especially diligent. 

Write Down the Details

Because there was not any other person in the area to give their account of what happened, it's critically important that you provide as much information as possible. To go about this process, you should try to write down as much information about the incident as you can remember right away. 

Details like exactly where you were when the event happened, what time it was, why you were in the area where the injury occurred, and how you felt immediately after are just some of the facts that can help support your case later on down the line. 

Schedule a Medical Appointment

You should next contact a medical provider to make an appointment. When it comes to workers' compensation claims, there must be medical evidence to support an injury and any recovery that comes along with the incident. You can only obtain this type of validation from a medical professional.

Not only does the provider document and diagnose the injury, but they also serve as a witness that an incident did, in fact, occur. If you can, visit your primary provider, as he or she will likely have records on hand that show the injury is new and not something previously found in your medical file. 

Follow the Report Chain

Every company or organization has a plan in place by which each individual must report an injury. Don't assume that because no one witnessed the incident that you don't have to follow this chain. If you do not follow this process, your claim could be invalid.

However, similarly to a visit with a medical provider, when you follow the process correctly, you create a documentation trail that the incident did occur, and every person that reads the document or signs off on it becomes a witness to your claim. 

A witness does not make or break a case, so don't hesitate to contact a workers' compensation lawyer and file a claim for your injuries if there were no witnesses.