Should You Sue If The Airbag Fails To Deploy?

The airbag needs to deploy so that you won't be injured in a car accident. However, in some cases, the airbag does not deploy properly. Whichever motorist is responsible for the accident will have partial blame, but if the airbag did not deploy properly, the auto manufacturer might also be to blame.

Airbags Don't Always Have to Deploy

To have a claim against the airbag manufacturer, you will need to prove that the airbag should have deployed under those circumstances but did not. You must also prove that the injuries you suffered were the result of the airbag not deploying. For example, you might have slammed your head on the steering wheel, and an airbag may have prevented that.

Airbags only deploy if a collision happens at a certain speed and in a certain direction. This is because an airbag can introduce its own hazards if it deploys at the wrong time. For example, if you're simply driving and hit a bump and the airbag deploys, this could lead to an accident. Therefore, if you're suing over an airbag's failure to deploy, you must prove that the airbag should have deployed in the first place.

Sensors and Sensor Software Can Fail

One of the most common reasons why an airbag doesn't deploy is that it has a defective sensor. The sensor fails to detect the impact and the airbag does not deploy as a result. The sensor might not be properly calibrated. Also, the software might be defective.

The Airbag Might Fail

Sometimes, the airbag is not able to deploy even if the sensors detect the collision. The wires might be severed as a result of the crash, which would not be the fault of the manufacturer. However, there might also be components that are defective within the airbag system. The airbag itself might even be defective and fail to inflate even when the rest of the system tries to deploy it.

There Are Multiple Levels of Liability

Airbag-related cases are much more difficult to resolve if you do not have help from an auto accident attorney. Not only may the car manufacturer be at fault for the accident, but the airbag parts manufacturer and the airbag may be as well. You'll need to get to the bottom of exactly what went wrong and how these mistakes contributed to your injuries. Then, you can use this to seek a settlement or even take the case to court.