Was Your Teen Hurt Badly In An Auto Accident They Can’t Remember? Get A Lawyer Fast

If your teen was badly hurt in an accident and they currently can't remember the accident because of injuries, you want to get legal representation. If people that where there at the scene of the accident say that your teen was hit by a driver that wasn't watching the road, was speeding, or was doing something illegal, you need to get a lawyer that will fight for you.

These cases can be time-sensitive because of evidence that is needed for the case. Talk with the lawyer about these things so you can get to the bottom of the cause of the auto accident.

Recordings in the Area

If there were cameras in the area that recorded the accident, this could be the strongest evidence to help your case. Cameras could be located in these areas:

  • Stoplights
  • Business security footage
  • ATM machines
  • Residential security cameras
  • Another vehicle's dashcam

It would be ideal if an accident lawyer could find a video of the crash when it happened and then use it in the court case.

Black Data Box Information

Each vehicle has a black box data recorder if the vehicles were made in the last decade or so. These will detail what the vehicles were each doing at the time of the accident. Your lawyer may have to file a court request to get the black box out of the other driver's car. This can show if the other driver was speeding or having other problems.

Other Eye Witness Reports

There should be other eye witness reports if other drivers were on the road at the same time or if there were passengers in the vehicle. Your lawyer will want statements from these witnesses even if they have already talked to the police so they can use the statements in the court case. Your lawyer may even need these people to get in front of the judge.

If your teen was almost killed in an accident and it wasn't their fault, and now they have no memory of the incident and other problems, you want to talk with a legal professional from a firm like Bangel, Bangel & Bangel to get help. You want to get to the bottom of the case as quickly as you can, and then you can start to pursue a legal case to get financial compensation. The compensation you seek will be for the monetary struggles of the accident, along with your teen's pain, stress, and suffering.