Things You Should Do In The Event You Are Involved In A Slip-And-Fall Accident Inside A Store

It is a good idea to make sure that you are well aware of the things that you need to do in the event you are ever personally involved in a slip-and-fall accident inside of a store. The more you know about what you should do, the easier it will be for your accident attorney to help you with your legal case should it get to that point. To help make sure that you are well aware of what your next steps should be, check out the following:

Make Sure That You Are Not Refusing Medical Help

You might feel as though you are not physically injured, but that could simply be a result of the adrenaline pumping through you at that moment. After the excitement settles down, you might then start to notice that you are in a lot of pain. Someone could then dispute that you must have injured yourself somewhere else since you stated that you were fine right after the slip and fall in the store. Instead of risking that, you will want to go ahead and ask for someone to call an ambulance. Take a ride to the hospital so you can be thoroughly checked out and receive treatment for anything that might wrong. 

Write Down Your Memory Of The Event

If you are not able to do the writing on your own, you can ask someone to write down what you tell them. It is important to make sure that you are writing down the chain of events that led up to your fall and the things that occurred after you slipped and fell. It is vital that this is done right away while everything is still fresh in your mind. If you wait too long, some of the important details could begin to get a little foggy.

Now that you have a better understanding of the things that you are going to want to do should you ever find yourself in such a situation, you will not have to worry as much. Make sure that you are going in an ambulance to the hospital in order to be checked out and treated. Make sure that you are writing down, or having someone write down for you, the sequence of events that led up to your slip and fall and how the store manager or associates treated you. Also, make sure that you are never signing anything or admitting that you were at fault without first speaking to a personal injury attorney.