Motorcylists At Risk Due To Truck Drivers On Their Phones

When you are on a motorcycle, you may notice exactly how many people drive while distracted by technology. Unfortunately, truck drivers are no exception, especially since they can drive for long hours and become bored on the same routes day after day. Also unfortunate is the fact that truck drivers who hit motorcyclists can cause catastrophic results. If you are a motorcyclist, you want to know about truck drivers who may be driving dangerously.

Distracted Truck Drivers Can Kill Motorcyclists

Truck drivers who use their phones behind the wheel are not paying attention to the large vehicles in front of them, let alone the smaller, harder-to-see motorcyclists. Fatal motorcycle accidents can be devastating, but in many cases, the cyclists are injured severely and suffer long-lasting consequences rather than facing a quick death.

Because trucks can be such a major hazard on the road, most companies prohibit cell phone use even in states or cities where using a phone while driving may be legal. Unfortunately, this does not mean that every truck driver abides by the regulations. As a result, others on the road could be in danger.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Certain types of injuries impact motorcyclists more than they impact other types of drivers. After all, motorcyclists have so much of their bodies exposed to the elements when they are in terrible accidents. For example, even cyclists who wear helmets can face terrible head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and concussions.

Other injuries include road rash, which extends beyond minor cuts, bruises, and scrapes. Facial disfigurement and fractures are also major concerns for those who ride motorcycles, as well. They may require extensive surgery to fix. Broken bones, burns, infections, and other concerns can take weeks or months to heal as well.

In some cases, the injuries can be extremely severe and may involve limb amputations, spinal cord injuries, and even paralysis. These injuries may also include permanent nerve damage and disability which could prevent you from returning to work.

Motorcyclists and Their Rights

As victims of those who use their phones behind the wheel, motorcyclists have the right to sue after an accident. If a truck driver was distracted by their phone and you have evidence, you have a good case for this person causing the accident that injured you.

If you have been injured by a distracted truck driver, you can recoup your losses. You may also be able to cover your injuries in addition to lost wages and disability costs.

For more information, contact a motorcycle accident attorney.